Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can you pray for my little pup?

Its been a few days since I last blogged and you may notice my momentum has slowed down. Part of it's been because I was traveling to London (where I am at the moment and will be for the next month or so. And part of it has been because my little dog, has been terribly ill and that's taken up a lot of my emotional space for the last few days. Tequila, my pup has my spirit -- she doesn't like to give up and is always in a good mood. She's naughty as hell, but she's equally loving. She's always up for a fight and size never matters to her as my bigger dog Sparky will understand. She's still a real girl and needs all the attention you can give her. I'm sure you understand that she's a creature that doesn't deserve to be the way she is right now.
Here's the back story. Tequila got really sick with babesiosis, a canine tick disease that's similar to malaria on the day I left India (last Friday). She's fought through the disease and has recovered from that terrible bout of fever (though the strong medication will leave her with yellow teeth for life). Now she's going through a worse time as she's battling rickets. For a sporting breed its perhaps the worst thing to happen, because she cant stand or walk. She is now going to be on a series of heavy injections for the next 7 days and beyond.

Back here in London, I'm helpless about this situation. All I can do is pray and I felt that if anyone reads this blog, I could ask them to pray for the well being of one of my family members. For Tequila's sake, its only fair that she can walk and play again and enjoy her short childhood. For her sake, I request that if you have the time then please do send a prayer and or a blessing her way. I'm sure your prayers and blessings will make a difference to her situation.Thank You!


Sharlene said...

What a pretty girl. I'm so sad that she's not feeling good. I'll say a prayer for her.

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