Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The best Heroes episode in a long time!

Heroes has been frustrating me for months now. To know Hiro and Peter to be powerless (well Peter has a power now, but that's not good enough) was awful and the storyline wasn't going anywhere. But I guess the return of Bryan Fuller as the writer has really done the trick.

"Cold Snap"
was my favorite episode in a long, long time. Yeah, Peter still can't hold on to more than one ability at a time (wonder when that'll change), but Hiro can stop time (he still can't teleport). And Daphne dies yes; but not before the most amazing "Aaaw!" moment I've seen on television in recent times.
I hope this is the sign of things to come and we see the plot thickening and better character development as we go on.


Liz said...

Hey Sumeet - any chance of a SPOILER ALERT! at the top of blog posts like this please? Not all of us are as up-to-date as you are!

David Ron said...

Wow. I'm really glad I watched the recorded episode of Heros last night. This post would have totally ruined it for me. Perhaps you should stay away from posts about entertainment and keep it to science and technology.

Sumeet Moghe said...

Sorry guys! I was way too excited at the end of the episode. I'll post a spoiler alert from the next time! Apologies -- and Liz let me buy you a drink when I'm in London so I can make up for this.

Art Picked Me said...

I think people are still jaded from Chapter 2 and some of 3, that they're skeptical of everything Heroes these days. [[Vote right]] these new ones deserve more than watered down numbers.


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