Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting older (wiser)?

I turned 27 yesterday and for many reasons its a birthday I will find difficult to forget. For one it fell on the day of the serial blasts at Bangalore. It has been followed by the serial blasts at Ahmedabad - one of which shockingly, has taken place in the trauma ward of a hospital. I also lost my forthcoming baby as my wife suffered a missed abortion. While I know these are circumstances beyond my control, I find it unfortunate that the day when I was celebrating my presence in the world coincided and was followed by a personal mishap and some very cowardly actions. Its going to be a memory that will take some time to fade away.


Jalex said...

Happy belated birthday. Treasure pleasant experiences. Thank you for your blog.

Rams said...

Sorry to learn about your personal loss at a time you should have been celebrating. I pray that God gives you the strength to bounce back.

Best Wishes

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