Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Defying Theories of Management

In an era when most managers believe in blame, in the assumption that employees dont care for business success, with an outrageously pessimistic view of employees: essentially Theory X), Thoughtworks seems to be following what I read of many years back, as Theory Y of management. As I look around more and more, in addition to being Roy's social experiment, TW assumes that employees are ambitious and self-motivated. As days have gone by, I have learnt to believe that Thoughtworkers anxious to accept greater responsibility, and be self-directed.

Something lets me believe that when Roy founded TW along with others, they thought of setting the precedent by being creative and forward thinking. We have rules, but they aren't meant to bog you down and I have generally observed that the freedom to perform to the best of your ability is valued more than sticking to a plan or following rules.

TW pleases me because there's always someone thats helping you tap your unused creativity in the workplace. I enjoy having colleagues who are motivated by "doing a good job". And if TW is special its because it tries to keep processes light instead of creating bureaucratic structures that stop you from fuly actualizing yourself. As always, I believe in the present and I cant guarantee this is what I'd feel in 5 years time, but for the present moment TW makes me feel very special for all the things it does to make me work better.


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