Saturday, January 05, 2008

Getting around as planned

The London Eye Changing Guard (Horse Guards)
Mr Squirrel @ St James Park
My English Breakfast

So the £32.25 challenge that I set myself for this weekend in London, is still on. I have in fact amazed myself by the limited casualties of today. I lost the maps I'd printed off Google. Its a real pity since they were handy directions to some of the places I was planning to visit over the weekend. I also lost the complimentary map that the hotel gave me, but I aint too stressed about that since I have a reasonably better map at my disposal. On the money front, I have the enviable fortune £ 16.20 in my pocket and considering I was generous enough to pay £ 3 to street performers at Covent Garden, I've done a remarkable job to stay within budget. My Oyster card's intact with all the money still on it. At the same time, I've made no compromises on the way I wanted to go around London.

Plans for tomorrow -- start the day by walking on Southbank, catch a few sights around the place with enough time to get photos (!!); take a detour around 11 to Buckingham Palace to view the change of guard; walk back to Picadilly Circus and hop on the tube to Baker St station and then visit Madame Tussauds; I am still debating what I should do after I'm done with Tussauds. I guess I'll perhaps go up to Covent Garden and enjoy a few street performances and top that off with dinner at the Waterloo Pier or Leicester Square. Sounds like a plan? Lets see if it meets the £16.20 challenge!
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