Friday, November 23, 2007

Eating Heavy

Today's one of those super crappy, really sluggish days. And I can say I've learnt a lesson. If you have a meeting early in the morning, you better sleep early. If you cant sleep early, then eat a light dinner. If you cant eat a light dinner, then eat a light breakfast. If you cant eat a light breakfast, then skip lunch....

Pity I didnt do either..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back to E-square (one)

Its been ages since I've been to E-Square so it was nice to go back there last night. All Stir Fry, the oriental street style restaurant still retains its "all you can eat" charm at the brilliant price of Rs 300. It was nice that the chefs were listening to my instructions and came up with really nice, oil-free cooking.

The second part of the evening was spent watching "Dhan dhana dhan GOAL!". The movie's OK, but kinda cheesy and unavoidably cliche as is expected of a sports movie. Well anyways, "har Hindi picture ki tarah, idhar bhi, end tak sab thik thak ho jaata hai!". And if the computer-animated football matches dont catch your fancy, I'm sure Bipasha Basu will. Woo mama! The absolute dreamy eyed look that she brings on to men! Only a Bengali girl can do that.

Competition vs Collaboration

Having been a professional trainer for a very long time, I see competition to be a very important tool to make training effective. I cant emphasise this enough. As it turns out, many people believe that competition in the classroom kills the threads of collaboration. I for one dont believe this to be true, being a big believer in the principles of collaborative decision making.

With the advent of technology, the facilitator's role tends to get tremendously underestimated. Its important to note that its totally the facilitator's job to ensure that the focus of the group remains collaboration and not competition. Frequent regrouping, giving everyone an opportunity to win and to collaborate with everyone, ensures that the participants focus more on working with each other and doing it more efficiently. Soon enough, competition is just a side story, cuz you may win this time, but you may just lose the next time round. I just wish "competition" is never regarded as a bad word, cuz removing competition from a classroom could mean doing away with a lot of tempo.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Retrospective Facilitation

As a facilitator, I am quite excited to learn from fellow trainers. I was quite amazed by Pat Kua's ability to facilitate retrospectives. His passion for the practice really shows and I certainly had a great thing to learn from him!
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