Sunday, October 07, 2007

Part of the solution or the problem?

Somethings are really quite simple. For example being happy. There isnt really too much rocket science to it, other than going for what will make you happy. As it turns out, there are too many variables that we attach to happiness. And our focus on these variables disturbs what in similar parlance, would be the solution to the equation. I dont know why I start to think that in time LHS will always be equal to RHS, and the variables will always take care of themselves just as in a chemical or numerical equation. The only condition being, that RHS is happiness.

I think I know what I define to be happiness for myself. I want to live life to the fullest, be adventurous, take decisions on the spur of the moment, think fast, execute quicker and simply just do what my heart tells me, without dwelling too much on it. This is what I must do as anyone else should, and this needs me to be no mathematician. There are simple solutions to problems, we only need to dwell on the solutions rather than the problems. And yes, if one's not part of the solution, one's part of the problem.


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