Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Locus of Control

When you work at a megacorp and are a youngster who wants to take the world by storm, the world better be receptive to you at first. Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with my boss; learning about the Locus of Control. Theoretically its a brilliant concept to think of, though I guess its easier said than done.

With all due respect to the perceived wisdom of those who are more experienced and higher up in the food chain, I must say I can slowly see the ills of heirarchy in organisations. Maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction of kinds. However, I think with such heirarchies in organisations, leaders end up being "post-boxes" as Rama chooses to call them, passing on goals as if they were passing on letters. The question really is -- what support or thought leadership do you provide to make work easier for your teams?

As a professional I have gotten into a state of inertia and I have started to think that I resemble a government employee these days. I need to get over this. Maybe I should track back in time to find out what made me enthusiastic about work a year or two back. Maybe that'll help get back the fire in my belly....


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