Saturday, March 25, 2006

Since the last time....


My blogging has become erratic in recent times and much of that is owed to the fact that I havent been a loner in recent times. There are a few moments in a man's life that, in many ways change his perception of life itself. One of those moments was when I met Amu. I never thought I could fall in love with someone like her and be so eager to shout it out from the rooftops. Well Amu and I've had some really good moments in months gone by. We've spent a romantic weekend at Sidz Cottage in Alibag. The trip was fun. We went to Kashid beach, ate a lot of fish, and spent a lot of time lazing around in each other's company. I must say that Sidz is a divine place for a couple to spend a quiet weekend. Its quite a cottage, what with most amenities thoughtfully placed for you. And I must say it compares creditably with a suite in a five star joint. Seeing is believing. I'd suggest one visits the place rather than relying on word of mouth.


That hasnt been all either. Last week on Holi, we went to a nearby Picnic spot called Girivan. The place is 400 feet above Lonavla and is a nice quiet place to spend time with the family. Amu and I spent some quality time there and as it turns out, her parents enjoyed it as well.


I cant count out Amu's birthday from all the fun. I did try making that special as well and I must say Gautam made my evening by being there for the midnight bash. Amu got her favourite stuff that night and I'm hoping this would be one of her more memorable birthdays!!

I cant say she's someone who'd take your breath away, but yeah she's still my Madonna and as Billy Joel so famously sang, "She's always a woman to me". She's got a new look right now and while there's a perceptible change in the before and after looks, it changes nothing about what I feel deep within for her. She's the woman in my life and for once, I'm proud of a decision I've made.


That's how she looked earlier
me with my new hair cut and new shirt ( shopping day)

Amu's New Look
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