Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Open Suse 10.0 is kewl!!


I just installed Open Suse 10.0 and installed a few patches. Worked a little magic and upgraded to the latest KDE 3.5. Well I must say that the default package selection for Open Suse 10.0 left a lot to be desired, especially in the multimedia department, despite the immaculate look and feel of the distro. However adding a few YaST sources and downloading the relevant packages does the trick.


I must say that the responsiveness of the distro has improved remarkably and so has the speed of KDE 3.5. The latest KDE release is not just visually appealing but has just upped the ante in the desktop wars. It poses a visible challenge to its non-free competitors, in as much as being the most intuitive and user-friendly desktop to work on. Check the snapshots!!
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