Saturday, October 22, 2005

Been a while, eh!?


Its been a while since I've blogged, in recent times and a lot has happened in the mean time. I now own a car, I attended my first Durga Puja in a long,long time and maybe met one of the most astounding woman who has turned out to be one of my best friends. Well new news first. I bought a black Indica V2. Now, the Indica Petrol has lost out a lot of its charm ever since its Diesel cousin became the most widely used commercial/tourist vehicle. However despite a lot of people persuading me to buy a Maruti Zen instead, I chose to buy the Indica. Why? The reason being that the Indica is a more complete package than the Zen. Its spacious, powerful and a lot more modern as far its styling and interiors go. For those that like figures, here goes... The Indica has a 1405 cc engine as compared to the Zen which sports a 995 cc aluminium alloy engine. The Indica V2 is capable of acheiving maximum power of 75 PS@5500 rpm as opposed to 60 PS@6000 rpm that the Zen delivers. Yes, the Zen is a mileage beast, but then the Indica aint too far behind. When you compare the fact that the LXi model of the V2 has features that far outweigh those offered by the Zen Vxi, one can objectively conclude that the Indica is indeed a better car.


When you are an atheist, it is very difficult to be part of too many religious ceremonies. However, it had been a while since I had attended a Durga Puja, so I decided to get there with Jothir and Amrita. Now the good thing about Durga Pujas is, that its more about fun, adda and great food. I have been paying a lot of attention to my fitness in recent times, what with 1250m of swimming each morning, but that day I just threw caution to the winds and decided to eat like there was no tomorrow.Rolls, Mughlai Paratha, Chicken Kasha, Chops, Sweets, you name it and I would have had it!! Just relived memories of the time that this was so much an integral part of my life... Amrita apparently enjoyed the outing and that perhaps was the icing on the cake.

Speaking of Amrita, I guess I should write a bit about her. Well Amu, or Dum Dum as I like to call her, is perhaps the most wonderful woman I've known for the longest that I can remember. I aint quite the girls kind of a guy, which effectively means that either I get shunned by girls or I eschew their company. But I havent been as comfortable with a girl as I have been with Amu. Now it is a bit strange to be so close to a girl thats 6 years elder to you, but then I'd say thats passe when it comes to being friends. I think for the very fact that she is such an astounding person, she deserves a special mention on my blog!! Well, its been hard work writing this post; I've developed a couple of lazy bones in my body ever since I last blogged. I'd better sign off before they get too tired!!
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