Monday, May 30, 2005

The Sunday Funday


This Sunday was one of the best there's been for a pretty long time. Grooved myself out to death at a rollicking office party at Ravi Farms. We had a fashion show(wasnt too much of a show, save the pretty women!) a dance and a prize distribution ceremony that saw my friend Gautam, crowned Mr Personality! However on earth that happened is still a mystery to me! Just kidding, Gomzy, and I'm ducking for cover already! I had a blast this weekend! You enjoy the snaps from the party

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Boys' Day Out!!


The best thing about a Boys' Day Out is the fact that you can be without the excess baggage of having to subject yourself to the whims and fancies of women and their idiosincracies. Jothir, Sunny and myself had an amazing time as the boys had a ball without the girls around. Sunny and Jothir had dropped down to rehearse our team skit, and as it often happens on a hot summer day when three naughty men get together, we ended up spending the day watching p^*n, a movie, sippin on juice, goin for a swim, and finally, munching on pizza!! Credits go to Tom Cruise for his fabulous acting in "The Last Samurai" and Dabur, for manufacturing their awesome brand of Real fruit juices. Reminds me of the last time the gang met up and we went to watch "The Flight of the Phoenix". Tis fun eh? guys?!!

DVDs are fun!

Its been a couple of weeks since I got myself a 16x DVD burner. Yeah! it does support dual layer DVDs as well. Swell, eh? Sure is. Its all part of the agenda of getting the bulky media off my hard drive. Not many people have the luxury of having 320 Gigs of hard drive space to their disposal. But then your needs grow according to the resources at your command. I guess thats whats happened with me. Not much left for me to use, as it turns out!! ;)
Well I've graduated the next level as far as my media usage goes. And now I'm spending some quality time, ripping my favorite movies from DVDs to DivX. Mencoder's been busy on my desktop. See the screenshot below.

I sometimes wonder how people end up playing DVDs on Doze considering the innumerable patent issues that surround DVD playback. I aint too knowledgeable about DVDs but hey! patents are threatening to consume free software projects as well.
I wish I were in a worse mood, to write about 'em. Right now I am a bit too busy getting The Matrix Trilogy ripped to DivX. The truth is out there!! Cheers!!
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