Thursday, April 28, 2005

A review of Hitch

Its fun having a broadband connection wherein you can download DVD quality prints of the newest movies and watch them, royalty free. I watched Hitch recently, and I enjoyed it Make no mistake about it, Hitch is a formula, romantic comedy. Yeah, yeah YET_ANOTHER_ROMANTIC_COMEDY !! There aint nothing you havent seen before; naughty boy meets inquisitive girl, they fall in love; they misunderstand and break up; finally the power of love prevails and they get together.

Not once did I find myself teetering on the edge of my seat, wringing my hands in despair because I was fearful of a disastrous outcome. But who cares? What I did find myself doing was laughing out loud quite a bit, while also trying to conceal the drool that would escape on the right side of my mouth whenever Eva Mendes would appear on screen. Woo baby!

The movie is pretty enjoyable itself. Will Smith's smooth. Eva's the hottie with personality. Amber Valetta does a decent job in the movie. And the real pick is Kevin James, with his fat_man_dancing act in the movie. Smith is the ultimate ladies man in the movie who realises in the end, that there aint really no formula to love.

My recommendation is that you grab your sweetie, accept that you're not gonna see any new ground being broken, make sure you have your yellow bucket handy for Will's big speech at the end, and enjoy a funny, cutesy, fairly safe romantic comedy this summer.

Hitch has enough laughs for the guys (and well, enough Eva for the guys) and enough romance for the ladies, for me to recommend it to those of you looking for a cute romantic comedy to help you celebrate a summer evening. There are a few moments that will gag you with sugary sweetness, but strong performances by Will Smith, Eva Mendes, and Kevin James help you overlook it.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Eternal Debate

Interesting image, and while I am one of those that aint gonna be classified as a hardliner, it reiterates RMS's viewpoint on the appropriate nomenclature for "mukt" and "muft" software. Cheers!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We need better idols

My mom is a 55 year old tradition bound lady. Make no mistake about it, she is also the modern head of one of the most prestigious Military Hospitals in the country, but then she makes no compromises when it comes to culture. So if I were to project my mother as the face of Indian culture, I wouldnt really be off the mark. Very recently I spoke to my mother about the ban imposed on dance bars in Maharashtra and her views on the issue matched mine. She was of the opinion that if dance bars are to be closed down, the women employed in these places need to be rehabilitated. If cultural cleansing is the aim of the entire exercise then this is certainly a step in the wrong direction.

We are denizens of the 21st century. Deputy cheif minister Mr R R Patil seems to have lost touch with reality, when he says that dance bars are instrumental in "corrupting" the minds of the youth. He seems to conveniently ignore the fact that a young man does not need to walk into a dance bar to get his mind corrupted. All he needs to really do is switch on his TV set, or better still, log on to the internet. The business of titillation is widespread today. Why single out dance bars, which turn out to be an honest way of earning a living for many women from underprivileged parts of society? Mr Patil believes that dance bars are the stepping stone to prostitution. My mother says, that downing the shutters on dance bars would mean opening up a whole new market for prostitution. By allowing these bars to function, we are allowing families to be able to make ends meet. Who knows, someday children from these very families could emerge as educated, conscientious citizens. But is Mr Patil giving them a fair chance? He says that the closure of dance bars would not hurt other institutions that allow singing, dancing and other forms of entertainment. Is he expecting to unearth a Lata Mangeshkar or a Geeta Chandran from these dance bars? Mr Patil needs to be able to bring himself to terms with reality and look at the bigger picture. Often, in this era of coalition politics, one chooses to grab every minute of fame that is readiliy available. The people that are remembered though, are those that choose to stand by the right decisions at the right time. Others like Mr Patil, have to be remembered for their infamy.
The other day, I had an exchange with one of my colleagues on the so called greatness of a certain "Bill Gates". I find it surprising to see such a huge number of people idolise Gates just because he has the heaviest pockets in the world. Are we so bereft of idols that we choose to idolise someone who has made all his money swindling, cheating and muscling his way in the industry. Whatever happened to the values of being a contributor to society? Whatever happened to being a good neighbour, to saying "Yes" to freedom? Is the concept of Gandhism totally obsolete in the country? Is ethical technology no more a concern? Its high time we looked at better idols. Linus Torvalds, Eric Raymond, Bruce Perens....and the grand-daddy of idols Richard Stallman...
I think I as an individual would be doing these people great disservice if I were to allow their contributions to be overshadowed by BillyG. And so would every proponent of free software. Its time for the free software movement to ascend to the next level. Its high time we targetted the housewives, the moms, the grandparents, the aunts, the people that wouldnt classify as geeks even for toffee. Its time we created more awareness amongst those that we never counted as prospective parts of our community. Its time free software shed its urban, elite image and became a mass movement. Only then can we expect our generation and those that follow, to have better idols.
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