Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry ?? Christmas -- Not really

Today was an unusually rough day... It started off with a much awaited date getting cancelled by the girl concerned. Yeah, yeah I know girls hate me! ;-) Well I think I am starting to get really fond of this girl. She is perhaps the sweetest thing I have encountered in a pretty long time... and then again she is a science student just like me, which catapults her into the *intelligent* category... Well anyway, to be honest, I didnt find her that sweet when she cancelled our date this morning but I still cant stop feeling affectionate towards her... As it turns out every other friend of mine showed me the finger, when it came to planning an outing with 'em. So I ended up watchin Ocean's Twelve all alone at INOX. If that wasnt enough, the movie was a helluva drag and paled in comparision to the slick original. But this didnt happen before my day encountered another mishap. I had just procured a shiny new pair of contact lenses. But trust my luck, the 25% risk factor of losing my lenses took its toll on me. I lost my right lens while trying to wear it....Now that wouldnt happen to most people. But I am special. Perhaps I am gifted with the ability to take such incidents within my stride. So much so, that I am taking pretty huge strides these days!;-) I have frantically tried to locate the Radio Mirchi phone number to dial-in a request number for my new friend, Rati. But I havent had much luck with that either. Now before more bad luck befalls me, I am gonna snuggle into bed and wait for the new day to dawn. Lets hope the new day can bring in a set of Christmas gifts for me, wrapped in stockings, et all. I think I have been a nice guy for the last 6 months. I am sure Santa could help my oh-so-special friend be a little more inclined towards liking me... Hey Santa, you hear that??

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A peach flavoured hookah!

We had a great evening tonight, with a team dinner at Carnival!. For me there was "a first" -- My first hookah puff!! While it was a harrowing experience to begin with, I guess I ended up having fun, just like everyone else. I've just put up the album of the dinner pics here for anyone who is interested in knowing what happened!

The eye of the tiger

The Rocky series is my favourite series of movies. They've been an inspiration to me whenever I have felt weighed down by the pressures and the challenges that life has thrown up. Hell, I even have the entire set lying on my movie shelf. I guess I identify a lot with Rocky himself. I am as vulnerable as he is, and as determined as well. I have had a "Mickey", in form of my dad, who has always protected me. I thought I had an "Adrianne", but I guess I was mistaken. But I do have an "Apollo", in form of Subhankar, my best friend. We are all in place, just in entirely different situations, entirely different struggles.

The movie gives me the strength to renew the hunger with which I chase my dreams, on every passing day. It gives me the strength to fight for the right reasons. It makes me keep in sight the pot of gold at the end of the horizon, that I have always been chasing. It makes me realise that there will be bitter rivals that one faces every day. But when you have fought well enough, you can turn those rivals into your best friends by earning their respect. Winning is fun, but what's most important is that one believes he is in the fight for all the right reasons. October 2002 was possibly the deepest trough of my life. But it was that period that made me realise that nothing is real until the time you believe in it. And I guess that has been the turning point of my life. And I guess that's when I got the "eye of the tiger" back for my ownself...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Some Good news

Pat Volkerding seems to be feeling much better after his recent illness. Guess Slackware current would get faster updates now that he is back home in California.
More news from KDE dot news. KDE 3.4 would have inbuilt speech synthesis support. Looks like the KDE3.4 feature plan would have quite a few of us salivating!!
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