Thursday, October 28, 2004

One of those days!

Today was a tough day off work!!
Firstly there was a scheduled power cut between 10:30AM to 5:30PM which kept me unwired for the better part of the day. I had to use the gas-stove to cook my meal and for a person who hates cooking, it can be quite an ordeal. At around 4:30 PM, the tax consultant came down to my place and started coaxing me into taking a Jeevan Anand policy. According to his calculations I would have Rs 588,000/- at the end of the term of this policy which would obviously be, when I turned 50!! As it turns out, I may probably decide to pay taxes rather than go in for investments that give me a pittiance considering an inflation rate of at least 6.5% every year. A quick calculation would tell you that the value of that amount would be close to Rs 100,000/-. Taxes can sure give a person sleepless nights!!

I just preordered Suse 9.2 from It costs me a pretty penny considering its Linux and while being mukt, can be muft as well! If someone is willing to split the costs with me, I guess I could burn a set for him. Kapil offered to split a part of the costs with me. Thanx d00d. I guess we could do with a couple more contributors.

I happened to stumble upon a nice piece of work this evening though, thanks to a posting on the PLUG mailing list, by Kedar K Koppikar. Its Geexbox!! Geexbox is a standalone bootable media player. It comes as a (believe it or not!) 6.5 MB download, which consists of a Linux kernel and minimal software needed to run Mplayer. Sadly the disc kept exiting with an error, on my notebook, but ran like a dream on my desktop. The project seems to be quite similar to Movix with the only difference being the eyecandy of the Geexbox environment. However the developers havent yet released an eMoviX kind of release, wherin users can create bootable discs from their multimedia files or a MoviX2 which would run Mplayer on X, instead of running it via framebuffer. I have yet to tinker with it much. Hope to do so as soon as I have the time ... Let's hope that's soon enough.


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